i-SPIN-DT Desktop Nanofiber Electrospinning  Machine was designed to develop sample nanofiber membranes used in primarily textile and air filtration, but also in chemistry, medical, medicine, construction and agriculture industries.

Machine mainly composed of high voltage power supply, dual channel syringe pump, electrospinning chamber, touch screen panel, operation buttons, and electronic control box. The machine uses PLC control and touch screen which makes nanofiber production easy, reliable and safe.


Dimension1100 × 650 × 950 (mm)
ColorSapphire blue
Power Requirement200~240V (AC), 50Hz, 5A
Resolution of Voltage30 V
Resolution of Current2 µA
High Voltage Power Supply0-30 kV adjustable, 0-2000 µA adjustable
Temperature Control Range and AccuracyRoom temp up to 40℃, +/-0.5 ℃
Temperature Uniformity+/-1.0 ℃
Attached DevicesHigh Voltage Power Supply, Dual Channel Micro-Infusion Syringe Pump
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