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Nanoflux Pte. Ltd. is focusing on the development of the nanofiber production equipments and the application of the nanofiber materials. We have developed series of high-tech nanofiber electro spinning machine such as the Desktop Nanofiber Electro spinning machine ; the nanofiber fabric Electro spinning machine; the High Temperature and Corrosion-resistant Nanofiber Electro Spinning machine .

High Temperature Nanofiber E-Spinning
High Temperature E-Spinning
High Temperature E-Spinning

NanoFlux High Temperature Nanofiber E-Spinning Machine (Model: i-SPIN HT-300)

NanoFlux i-SPIN HT-300 High Temperature E-Spinning Machine is designed for the lab scale production of the nanofibers with the temperature up to 280˚C. It is a modular system with a variety of E-Spinning accessories which offering exactly what you need for lab scale production of various kinds of nanofiber for research on medical, filtration, personal care and energy storage.

NanoFlux i-SPIN HT-300 High Temperature E-Spinning Machine is mainly composed of high voltage power supply, dual channel syringe pump, e-spinning chamber, touch screen panel, operation buttons, and electronic control box. The e-spinning machine uses PLC control and touch screen which makes nanofiber production easy, reliable and safe.
Tech Specification
NanoFlux i-SPIN High Temperature E-Spinning Machine (i-SPIN HT-300)
Dimension 950 × 650 × 1000 mm
Weight 800kg
Color Wight
Power Requirement 200~240V (AC), 50Hz, Single Phase
Resolution of Voltage +/- (2.0%rdg + 0.5)
Resolution of Current +/- (2.0%rdg + 0.5)
High Voltage Power Supply 0-30 kV adjustable, 0-2000 µA adjustable
Heating Temperature Range and Accuracy Room temperature to 280˚C with smallest graduation of 1˚C; ± 1˚C
Rotating Drum 1-2500 rpm adjustable; dia 100 mm
Control Devices  PLC control system and 5” touch screen for control of pressure, temperature s inside of solution chamber  chamber  / e-spin chamber, drum rotation speed and ventilation speed

NanoFlux i-SPIN High Temperature E-Spinning Machine (i-SPIN HT-300)

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